Cédric Delsaux.

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  • Down the Line

    Frieze Magazine

    The last 20 years have seen revolutions in technology that have transformed our lives. How have art and it institutions reacted?


    EnglishPublished on 18/08/11By Lauren Cornell and Kazys Varnelis

  • An Earth Where the Droids Feel at Home

    The New York Times

    The images simmering in the French photographer Cédric Delsaux’s “Dark Lens” series are an unsettling confluence of hyper-real cityscapes, a postpostmodern sense of humor . . . and characters from “Star Wars.”


    EnglishPublished on 11/12/11By Dana Jennings

  • New York Magazine, May 2010

    “Highly engrossing, scrupulously composed images explore the formal relationship between the man-made and natural worlds. A highlight: Living Quarters in front of a Casino, Macao, China , in which the exterior detailing of the casino appears to sprout directly out of the urban decay in the foreground.”

  • Robert Redford, back cover “A Common Destiny”

    “A Common Destiny is a hauntingly beautiful narrative, a meditation almost, reflective of how each action of our lives results in an impact, a consequence, a reaction somewhere else, near and far. In a decidedly ethereal manner, photographer Cédric Delsaux frames the collision of man and nature and the fragility of their dance together.”

  • Jedi Art

    Charged Magazine

    French photographer Cedric Delsaux has built a reputation around his stunning landscapephotos, but his breakthrough came when he started to superimpose Star Wars figures into these shots. The results : a mix of fact and fiction so cool that George Lucas himself endorsed the work. Cedric will be holding an exhibition of his work at Dubai's Empty Quarter from the 2nd December for the entire month.


    Charged magazine, interview December 2009

  • La Force du cliché obscur

    Owni Digital Journalism

    Interview in French.


    owni, November 5th 2011, interview

  • Verres correcteurs

    Geek mag

    Article in French

  • What's Darth Vader doing in Dubai?


    "Dubai was born out of a dream, a fantasized reality, a city on the verge of reality."

    Link to online article and portfolio here


    Article & portfolio, Barry Neild, 9th of December 2010

  • The National

    We tremble at the sight of the site of Cedric Delsaux’s sci-fi visions of Dubai under alien invasion.

  • Time Magazine

    Photographer Cédric Delsaux brings a new take to the Star Wars legend. (…) Here’s the cast as you’ve never seen them before.

  • starwars.com

    French photographer Cédric Delsaux uses Attakus Star Wars statues in real-world locations for a mash-up series of images that capture the imaginations of fans who rave about his work for not only in the Blogosphere — as well as in various magazines including Star Wars Insider.

  • 7Days

    Fair enough, we have a ski slope in the desert, a building so tall it looks like something out of a science fiction film and a huge hotel on a man-made island. But did you ever think you’d see a droid army patrolling a Dubai street (...) ? Art enters a new frontier with a cool new exhibition from French photographer Cedric Delsaux

  • Libération

    French daily news paper.

    D’étranges combattants, gardes de Dark Vador, Clone troopers et autres droïdes hantent les périphéries urbaines. Dans sa première série, Cédric Delsaux avait investi les paysages de son quotidien de banlieusard pour rendre étrange et mystérieux ces lieux hétérogènes et trop souvent stigmatisés. Le second volet réalisé à Lille, plus sombre, prolonge ce western intergalactique. Ces images hybrides abolissent les frontières du réél pour visiter les nouveaux territoires de la photographie. Du côté positif de la force.

  • Cédric Delsaux, l'Empire contre-attaque

    Polka magazine

    article in French.

    Dans des décors indéterminés, composés d'architectures quelconques - celles des banlieues de Paris et de Dubaï -, il redonne vie à un environnement d'ordinaire transparent en y incrustant les héros de la "Guerre des étoiles". Fiction et réalité banale se rejoignent.


    article in French, Polka magazine number 15

  • Menudo Monton de chatarra


    Article in Spanish.

  • Photo+ Korea

    Article and portfolio on Dark Lens


    Article in Korean, November 2010

  • La revanche des Sites


    Article in French.


    LIBERATION, October 19th 2011, By Brigitte Ollier

  • Star Wars Ships, Droids Look Right at Home in Dubai

    Wired, online article

    In Cedric Delsaux's otherworldly photos, the United Arab Emirates serve as a surreal stand-in for Star Wars' extraterrestrial geography, with droids and spaceships tucked into desert vistas and building sites.

    Link to online portfolio here


    Article and portfolio, November 2010

  • L'Express.fr

    Interview in French.


    Interview, by Thomas Baurez, 12/09/2011

  • The Dark side of la France

    Sunday Times magazine

    A galaxy far, far away? No, it's just Lille.

  • Out of time?

    British Journal of Photography

    "... Dark lens has the qualities of all good science-fiction films: it plays on the idea that it might - and could - happen here...."


    Article, Paul Wombell, December 2010

  • Star Wars portfolio on Fubiz

    Online Portfolio of Star Wars, Dark Lens


    link to web page here

  • Murakami, Cedric Delsaux & Star Wars

    Article in French.

    Presentation of the Murakami exhibition at Versailles and the photographs done for the occasion by Cedric Delsaux.

    Online link here


    Article and short portfolio, Jean-Sébastien Stehli, Figaro.fr, 18 September 2010

  • Cedric delsaux exhibition at Acte2 Gallery

    Article in French.

    En introduisant ces personnages imaginés par Lucas, le photographe transforme la banlieue en un territoire encore plus mystérieux. La série intitulée Dark Lens, à laquelle George Lucas lui-même a rendu hommage, s'est déplacée vers une partie du monde encore plus adaptée à l'histoire qu'elle raconte, encore plus irréel que la banlieue de Paris ou de Lille: Dubaï.

    Link to online portfolio and article here


    Article and portfolio, Jean-Sébastien Stehli, Figaro.fr, December 4th 2010

  • Cédric Delsaux dans les étoiles


    upload article (french)

  • "Dark Lens" ou quand les Ewoks arrivent en ville.

    20 minutes.

    Article in French

  • DARK LENS Exibition in Festival Nordik Impact at Caen Between 29 October and 2 November


  • DARK LENS Exibition in Festival Nordik Impact at Caen Between 29 October and 2 November


  • DARK LENS Exibition in Festival Nordik Impact at Caen Between 29 October and 2 November